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Sophie’s Journey’s Next Big Event!

Nottingham Hospitals Charity and Lincolnshire based Charity Sophie’s Journey are collaborating on Sunday, the 25th March 2018 at the Chameleon Arts Café, Angel Row in Nottingham to stage a live music gig to raise...


Sophie’s Journey: An Update

By Imran Khan Sophie’s Journey will be returning to University of Derby Students Union Bar 67 Bridge Street, as part of the first of the two Music Event’s raising money for the Lincolnshire Based...


Starting A New Year

Starting a new chapter in your life can lead to a mixture of feelings. Excitement, stress, worry, happiness, they can all hit you at once or different times. When I first started I was...


Camp America – Summer Job Made Fun

If you mention job and summer in the same sentence, the term fun isn’t the first thought on most people’s minds, yet I have had the best summer of my life through my job,...


Why Should I Volunteer?

Volunteering experience used to be an after-thought on a candidate’s CV – maybe it got a quick mention in the hobbies section but now this is changing. More and more employers from a range...


Get Recognition With The Futures Award!

The Futures Award is a flexible programme that helps you to develop your skills, make new contacts and improve your understanding of employer requirements. There are three levels to the Award: The Futures Recognition...