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Money Worries

Alongside university comes the worry of finances. Its something I’ve thought about a lot more since preparing for university and so I thought writing about it could be interesting. Admittedly I found the idea...


The Politics of Visual Culture

In the age of fake news and its impact on democracy, media regulations have been tightened against public service broadcasting that features adverts that are centred around political messages. In the wake of such...


Occupational Balance and Stress

Occupational Balance Occupational balance is recurring phenomena in current literature (Eklund et al, 2017).Occupational balance relates to health and wellbeing, which therefore makes it a key area of discussion within occupational therapy literature (Eklund...


Being Organised (or trying to!)

If there is one thing, I have learnt in my time at university so far, it is that you can’t underestimate the importance of organisation. There is so much to keep up with; everything...


Overlord: The Review

What was coming? Death? Emotions run high on the faces of these soldiers, the atmosphere full of suspense and it is gripping. Julius Avery delivers a B movie with the financing, expertise and directing...