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Homophobia In Sport

The Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee found that sport is not doing enough to tackle homophobic abuse after a three-year study. Their research found that bans to offenders in any sport are still...


#Me Too, Now What?

As horrible as it is, I’m sure i’m pretty safe in saying that most of us have experienced sexual harassment of some kind at some point in our lives. #Metoo is pretty comprehensive in...


Can I Stay Please?

With the Easter break rearing it’s head, I decided to take a long weekend in Copenhagen. The trip entailed bonding with fellow hostel stayers, museums, a lot of map using and heavy drinking. Then...


Not-so-typical Week 2

Here’s a quick guide to how to start your study abroad: The first and MOST important step: Don’t get pneumonia. Step 2: Don’t ignore advice on going to the doctors. Step 3: Well done,...


Sophie’s Journey’s Next Big Event!

Nottingham Hospitals Charity and Lincolnshire based Charity Sophie’s Journey are collaborating on Sunday, the 25th March 2018 at the Chameleon Arts Café, Angel Row in Nottingham to stage a live music gig to raise...