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The Internet of Bodies

You may have come across the term the “Internet of Things”, a phrase that has came to encompass everything that is already connected to the internet such as PCs and mobile devices but also...


When #MeToo becomes #MeFirst

The founder of the #MeToo campaign, Tarana Burke, has expressed concerns that the movement has been hijacked by mainstream media as a “witch-hunt” with the purpose of defaming masculinity as “fundamentally toxic”. The campaign...


The Great (Fire)wall of China

China’s “Big Brother” social rating system is still striving for Utopia despite comparisons to an Orwellian nightmare China, with currently a population of 1.4 billion people, has recently emerged as a technological superpower with...


Pushing Myself

Ever since I completed my first-class presentation a couple of weeks back, I’ve been thinking that I should try and challenge myself more. Since starting university last year, I have fell into a pretty...


Money Worries

Alongside university comes the worry of finances. Its something I’ve thought about a lot more since preparing for university and so I thought writing about it could be interesting. Admittedly I found the idea...