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Hanna Meets Sabrina Carpenter

It’s a rainy day in May. A typical, British, rainy day. I was bouncing off the walls though. No amount of dullness was about to dim my sparkle. Not today. Why, you ask? I...


Maccies is Coming to Kedleston Road!

By Steph Compton, Head of The Phantom Yes, you heard right. Ronald McDonald is setting up digs at our campus. Can I get a hallelujah? The University of Derby is ever-expanding, and they are...


Celebrating 10 years of The Black Parade.

October 23rd 2006. Converse were the best selling shoes in the UK and stripy knee high sock sales were at an all time high. Guyliner and black painted nails were an acceptable combo and most teenagers wouldn’t...


Phantom: An update

I can’t believe The Phantom is on its eighth issue already, and the third of this semester. When I became the head of the newspaper a few months ago, I said that I wanted...


Want to work with us?

Are you a budding journalist? Writer? Illustrator? Photographer? Or just interested in finding out more? We want you! The Phantom provides news, sports, events, entertainment news and events coverage from the local area and...


Where to watch the fireworks

As Bonfire Night is only a few days away, we didn’t want you to miss out on one of the most beautiful nights in the year where all across the country the sky is...